Our Team

Amanda Amoroso
Counselling Intern


Hi! I’m Amanda, a graduate from Yorkville University in Counselling Psychology. My areas of expertise are to understand and manage symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress management, relationship issues, trauma, addiction and identity issues.

My passion is to help those who struggle with an identity crisis or whose identity relies on their profession or talent.I have spent countless years learning, researching and recognizing the difficulties that adolescent, young adult and middle aged individuals go through during important life transitions that create the potential for identity crisis. I also have learnt to recognize the pressures associated with a person’s identity and their social expectations. This often leads to less than optimal coping strategies and often leads to conditions

 such as anxiety, depression, and interpersonal issues.

Complex traumas, external pressures, social expectations, imposter syndrome and simply feeling a sense of loss of purpose are areas that, I believe, limit most of us from being our best selves and living our best lives. Discovering yourself can be an incredible journey, with many highs and lows.Importantly, it can also be a scary one that can be difficult to navigate alone. I am passionate about working with people to navigate this journey together.

I also work with new mothers dealing with postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, emotional adjustments to motherhood, changes in relationships and offer support for both parents during this difficult change in life.Through my own personal journey of motherhood and life changes, I am able to offer a safe and non-judgmental space to facilitate this learning curve as well as work with new moms to navigate and thrive in this new role. 

I believe that new dads need just as much helpas new moms and I am eager to offer dads the same safe space to figure out their own new role and how they can thrive as a parental figure to their children as well as be a supportive co-parent all while respecting their own needs. I am confident that both parents can offer something incredible to their child when guided appropriately.

Regardless of the presenting symptoms and conditions, I value offering you a safe space and a sense of safety, no judgment and empathy towards whatever is meaningful in your life at this time. I believe that everyone’s struggles are considered valid struggles regardless of how they may appear in today’s world. Offering a non-judgmental space and normalizing the expression of difficulties is a value that I personally live by and also utilize to guide clients into a different mind-frame. I attempt to view your life through your own lens and understand your difficulties to create a personalized plan towards understanding your emotions and symptoms and utilizing your strengths as well as developing new ones to overcome different life obstacles. 

My academic background includes a Bachelor’s degree from Concordia University in Exercise Science and most recently a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University.I am in the process of obtaining my licence with the OCCOQ (Ordre des conseillers et conseillères d’orientation du Québec). I am also working toward my psychotherapy license with the OPQ (Ordre des Psychologues du Québec) through supervised clinical practice and additional courses. I am a firm believer that education and experience shapes us to be our best, and therefore, I plan on continuously expanding and enhancing my abilities through courses, workshop training, conferences and clinical experience. 

In my former line of work as an athletic therapist, I had the opportunity to work with a vast population of individuals and understand the stigma that surrounds psychotherapy, as well as the value of a strong therapeutic relationship which can offer a foundation for progression towards a good mental state. Athletes often do not feel comfortable speaking about their struggles or do not feel they have anyone to help them through the toughest of times, and I am passionate about breaking the stigma and offering this often-neglected population the support they need in such a high-pressure field. My academic and professional journey has proven to me that mental health is the main source to one’s well-being, and making mental health a priority can be a major game changer in one’s life.

I look forward to meeting you, and together, taking the appropriate steps through the journey to a more fruitful life.