Our Team

Sunny Katseva
Student Volunteer

Hi there! My name is Sunny Katseva and I am a student volunteer here at The Healing Tree Psychology and Wellness Centre. I work alongside other volunteers and professionals in the Centre to develop and establish a psychoeducation-based group support for individuals struggling with emotional eating. Having been a part of the creation of a McGill-affiliated peer support service for folks experiencing disordered eating and body image issues, as well as knowing first-hand what it is like to suffer from an eating disorder, I am especially aware of the needs of the community and the importance of providing this vital service.

I am currently completing my bachelor’s degree in Psychology from McGill University. I plan to continue studying and work toward a PhD in Clinical or Counselling Psychology and I hope to be able to do research in the domain of disordered eating, body image, and self-compassion.

When not working on the many projects I have undertaken, I can be found spending time with my friends and family, reading good books, and painting.