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We are a clinic in the West Island of Montreal offering psychotherapy to help you achieve true wellness. Our team of therapists specialize in a variety of emotional and psychological issues. We focus on helping individuals heal from the inside out using a whole-person, depth-oriented, anti-oppressive and trauma-informed approach.

While our main specialties include Depression, Anxiety, Food and Body Image Issues, Relationship Issues, Trauma & Abuse, and Highly Sensitive People, our team is comfortable working with a wide variety of other issues. We can work with grief, loss, parenting issues, burnout, managing a chronic illness, personality disorders, domestic violence, and recovering from narcissistic abuse, among others. Speak to our client care coordinator today to see if we can help you with your particular needs.


Feelings of sadness, hopelessness, helplessness, emotional pain, isolation, fatigue, difficulty sleeping or oversleeping, and even in some cases suicidal thoughts are all signs of Depression. Depression can range from a low-grade chronic sense of dissatisfaction or emptiness to a debilitating state that stops you from being able to function in life, love and work.

You can feel like yourself again.

We can help you work through these feelings and find a sense of purpose and joy in life.


Stress, perfectionism, constantly worrying about something or everything, feeling like you can never let go and relax are all signs that you struggle with Anxiety. From a vague restlessness to full-blown panic attacks, Anxiety can take many forms and rob you of peace and ease as you move through life.

Life doesn’t have to feel this hard.

We can help you tackle the patterns that keep you stuck in the negative loop of Anxiety and learn how to be more relaxed and confident.

Food & Body Image Issues

Obsessively weighing yourself, calorie counting, yo-yo dieting, overeating, binging, and being chronically dissatisfied with your body shape or size are all signs of Food and Body Image Issues. Whether you’re struggling to know how and what to eat, or maintain a sane relationship with food, or even struggle with chronic health conditions, we can help you overcome disordered patterns of eating and treating your body.

You can find peace with food and with your body.

We have the expertise to help you go beyond just managing your symptoms and thrive as your healthiest self.

Relationship Issues

Relationships are meant to nourish and sustain us, yet can be the cause of so much stress, pain and loneliness. Whether you have trouble finding someone to love, find yourself in constant strife over your troubled relationships, or are struggling to rekindle the lost passion in an established relationship, we can help you.

You can have meaningful, fulfilling and lasting relationships. Loving and being loved doesn’t have to be so hard.

Let us help you create the kind of connections your deserve and long for in your life.

Trauma & Abuse

Trauma can have long lasting effects, especially in the form of complex, chronic trauma such as abuse and/or neglect. You may have grown up in an abusive household, or find yourself in a challenging, toxic or otherwise abusive relationship with a partner, coworker or friend as an adult. Single-event traumas include things like accidents, being a victim to or witnessing extreme violence, or being affected by war or natural disasters.

You can heal from your trauma and stop getting triggered.

We take a sensitive, trauma-informed, anti-oppressive, somatic approach to safely and effectively help you process your trauma and rebuild your life.

Highly Sensitive People

If you find you are easily overwhelmed, sensitive to sensory input (noise, busy environments), or easily absorb the emotions of others, you might be a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). HSPs often struggle to keep up, feel othered or lonely from a lack of accepting and meaningful relationships, and struggle with maintaining healthy boundaries, often ending up in situations that exploit their caring nature.

Being an HSP doesn’t have to be so hard.

We can help you learn to embrace your sensitivity and protect your boundaries so you can live with more balance and less stress.

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